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Samira Harris                Practitioner - Author - Illustrator - Teacher

Samira works as a wholistic practitioner at clinics in Lewes in East Sussex offering healing, massage, health and wellbeing support.


Samira has spent over twenty years exploring numerous complementary therapies from studying with a Japanese Buddhist Priest in her teenage years and then with a Chinese Monk in her twenties to learning different forms of massage and healing practices from different lineages.

During her thirties she was part of founding and running a community centre called Zu Studios, set up with the basic principle of providing a community space open to all, with no judgement, for the benefit of education, inspiration and celebration. Hundreds of talks and workshops took place, all with the intention of bringing insight as to how we can evolve and bring all we are to the world fully and authentically, supporting each person's journey within a community. Through running this space and all the amazing people she met, Samira has developed a good knowledge base in personal-development. 

In addition to her interest in healing, personal-development and community projects, Samira has also had a professional career as a secondary school teacher. She has developed extensive insight in observing behavioural patterns through over 18 years of working with children and teenagers. She is particularly experienced at being able to support young people who have challenging emotional situations or behavioural patterns to deal with, both from a practical point of view and also from a wholistic perspective. 

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