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Everybody on this planet wants to be deeply loved and to be able to express the love they feel. So why is it that our world is filled with expressions that are not love? That the world seems to be filled with people numbed, distracted, abusive, controlling and selfish - with the resulting effects of so much devastation such as wars, slavery, prostitution and the destruction of our natural planet?


What has happened? Why is our most natural way of being, to be loving, not the way we are expressing ourselves? How do we each take responsibility for our own expression and truly becoming loving again? Being loving not part of the time, when it's around someone we like, or when we have an agenda but as a genuine way of being. How do we strip away all the contractions which are preventing our authentic nature? How do we free ourselves from the needs and wants of desire/recognition/acceptance? So we can simply become who we truly are?


This book sets out to answer these questions and is divided into four parts.


Part 1 - Explores who we truly are compared to how we express ourselves.


Part 2 – Looks at why our natural expression has become so distorted over time.


Part 3 – Gives simple tools to help us re-establish a loving connection with ourselves and others.

Part 4 – Offers examples of what happens as we start expressing the love we truly are.

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