Universal Medicine through Serge and the student body shares openly and freely online more information than it is possible to process in a year so if you want to study this philosophy you just need to start going through the links on this website - there is no obligation to start paying for courses or additional study material if you don't want to.

However as much as you can find the philosophy online, there is nothing like actually working together guided by the grace and wisdom emanating through Serge, it is both heart-opening and mind-blowing! Equally you can not learn how to energetically read a body and be a vessel for healing via a book. It is a practical art of precision and subtly that needs to be mastered under stewardship. 


All courses are led by Serge Benhayon who is based in Australia and runs courses in the UK in early Summer and November. Each of the courses builds on the skills learnt in the previous courses so all need to be done in order. Each year Serge teaches numerous courses but without repetition, therefore if you want to start to learn about Sacred Esoteric Healing you have one opportunity a year to start and then from that point onwards you can attend further courses over the year.


To make it clear and simple for the who want to come to UK courses who aren't yet students I have created a page with all the information for healing courses and a page with all the information for workshops/lectures. Links to these pages are on the right and in the main menu bar.

In addition to the events and courses Serge runs, there is a continuously expanding network of students in the UK (and worldwide) connecting to have discussions, run workshops, exchange healings, watch talks and lectures online and more. For those in East Sussex please do send me an email (see contact page) and I will add you to a mailing list to keep you up to date with events I am running from my clinic or in the local area.

You can find information on what the Universal Medicine courses are about at:

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