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What is Healing? 

Healing is often misunderstood as some spiritual gift or new age fad, something non-scientific, wishy-washy or can't be proven but all of this is missing the very simple truth of what it is. Healing is what our bodies are designed to do when we get out of the way! It is the most natural fundamental quality of the human body, you cut yourself, you heal, some aspect of your chemistry goes out your body compensates to heal it. The only thing that creates issues that need to be healed is us, the only person that can heal us is ourselves! So why go to someone who has studied healing if we are all designed to be our own healer naturally? Well because we have created layer upon layer of dis-ease in the way we have used our bodies, we all need support to evolve and all are designed to work together to help each other do this.

So what is the best way to support another? To simply be present. No judgment, no trying to fix, no imposing beliefs or agendas, simply holding a space of love from the very core of your being to allow the person to be where they are at. Many people have not felt this space, but this space of non-projection, of honouring and seeing the person is where the magic happens, where the body relaxes and expands, where the soul can communicate in the reflection of another. True healing happens in the perfect unfolding with the gentlest support such as a hand on the heart or lightly bringing the body's focus to points that help clear an inhibiting pattern. From this space of being met the person starts to feel what it is to be met, to be present, to feel settled in their body instead of avoiding themselves. This marker of truth of who they really are recasts light on all aspects of their life and they start to feel inspired to make changes that support living a more authentic, nurturing way of life. 

This is the simple truth of healing that has been lived in tribes and cultures for thousands of years through heart centred people choosing to be there to support their fellow man. It is working with a divine energy accessed equally by all as we are all made of it and we are all equally able to heal.



This simple truth has been consistently bastardised by people on power trips wanting accolades for making a new healing system but there is no new, what could be more powerful than the simplicity of embodying the light we all are and connecting in this space? All there is are healing modalities that manipulate your energetic system by projecting their systems into your body (which your body will eventually have to clear even if they shift a problem temporarily) or true healing that allows you to be all you are and meets you in that still connected space so you can feel supported in healing yourself. 


So beyond the simplicity of holding love, deepest respect for where you are at and not projecting at all, what makes a great healer, if there is such a thing? A great practitioner has the sensitivity to listen to your body both energetically and physiologically, to feel where there are blocks and support that area to heal and reconnect with your essence but equally to stop working with that area when your body has released what it is ready to at that moment. It is someone who has cleared a lot of what stops us being all we are and has a clear and healthy relationship with themselves because for your body to be inspired it is useful to have the reflection of a healthy system to constellate with. It is someone who can both step out the way and allow divine energy to flow and also be so deeply present and embodied that in the time you have together you have access to all they are and all they have mastered. It is someone who can discern that there are many different qualities of energy and many can be seen as healing but a true practitioner only chooses to be a vessel of the purest Love not just through intention but actually being able to feel the difference and embody this energetic quality. It is someone who whatever issues comes to the service never gets phrased by anything or drawn into the emotion or drama because they are always offering a soulful connection to bring you home. 

All of the above is what I have learned on my healing journey - So can I heal you? No I can't. Can I fix your bad shoulder? No I can't! Can I bring you to bliss so you never have issues? No, I can't. Can I however hold a space of such deep love and nurture that you feel this inside yourself in the reflection I offer? Yes I can. Will this fix your shoulder? Possibly depending on the issue that caused the shoulder problem because with the support of my hands working on the area your body with the issue you will be supported to start clearing the patterns and stagnation energetically. Will a healing bring more things to the surface? Quite possibly, this is about feeling the truth of where you are at and sometimes that truth may be uncomfortable and reflect years of neglect or abuse to some aspect of yourself or life. Will you feel bliss? No, I would expect instead of a temporary euphoric high, a deeper sense of harmony within the body, which is why you won't feel spaced out but more settled in yourself. Will it solve all your issues? On one level no, of course there is always more to learn, but on another if you truly surrender to that deeper knowing inside yourself, yes, because you realise that whatever happens you are solid in you and that there is a deeper interconnectedness in life that is beyond rational understanding.


Should you try a healing session? It's totally up to you, some people have massive physical issues or trauma and are recommended to come, many simply want a boost or massage or some nurturing and others want to go deep and develop a deeper awareness of themselves, some have just heard about what I am doing and are curious. Whatever the story for those who feel drawn to connect with me, I am here. 

With Love,


© Samira Harris 2017