Some people exercise specifically because they want to look good, be slim, lose weight, be stronger etc. This can often be driven from personal insecurities believing we have to do something to better ourselves, to be respected or accepted - fundamentally to be loved. 


This isn't the case for everyone but for those who can honestly relate - what if we changed our approach to exercise? What if we own the insecurities driving us and know we are innately made of love and worthy of love without doing anything - that exercise is simply an important way to connect with our own bodies, build strength and vitality and in the process truly enjoy being with and nurturing ourselves?


Whether it is going to the gym or going for a walk we have a choice to do it in a way in which we push the body and create hardness in the connective tissue or in a gentle flowing way in which we feel into ourselves and the beauty of inter-connectiveness of our entire body. Through this process of truly listening to the body, we develop our inner-knowing of how to exercise in a way that builds self-worth and self-love, that nurtures our physical, emotional, psychological wellbeing.


It does not have to mean a radical change to everything you do but it may simply be worth considering the next time you exercise whether you are checking out and pushing the body hard or checking in and appreciating your body. 


© Samira Harris 2017