Meditation is promoted in many ways in the world, to try to clear or re-programme the mind or to find enlightenment or bliss, to ease stress or become more efficient. Many techniques are offered, some complicated, some guided, some which involve setting intentions, some with visualisations.

The meditations offered here are very simple and have one pure intention, to reconnect the body and soul. Through this many beneficial things happen but the results are not the intention. The intention is simply to choose to come back to the self. As we focus on establishing a natural gentle breathing rhythm we re-establish a connection with ourselves that we do not normally feel when we are busy being focused on outer influences and needs.


As we reclaim the energetic quality of our breath and feel it within our body we find a marker of truth of who we actually are as soulful beings. This quality of stillness we can then use as a tool in our everyday life when we recognise we feel disconnected from ourself. 

This simple technique is called 'The Gentle Breath Meditation' and is given in various forms by Serge Benhayon through free audio files. The techniques are short and do not involve any previous experience of meditation. It is advisable however when you start to create 20 minutes where you are not rushing to go out or can be distracted or disturbed. 

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