The Inner Heart is fiery space of absolute love inside us. It is a place of pure divine light that is within all equally, some people call this our Soul or others God but whatever you want to call it, the quality of energy is the purest unconditional love. 


It is commonly believed that our heart is the core of us. This is true (physiologically and energetically it runs our system) but the reason it is referred to here as the 'inner-heart' is because the common reference to the heart is ambiguous. Our heart is often considered the centre of our emotions. We can be heart-broken and feel pain or tightness in the heart area when we are stressed. There is actually no emotion in the true heart centre - it is just love. The pain we feel is not actually in our heart but a layer contracting over the heart. We have all been hurt by unloving actions of others and hold these hurts in our bodies and react to others through a filter of these hurts even when we want to be loving. 

This sticky layer of beliefs, emotions and desires, stops us from knowing our heart for what it actually is. As we learn to go beyond this layer and reconnect with our inner-heart it exposes the truth as to what love truly is. We realise we have been feeling and expressing through the sticky filter which surrounds our heart, in effect, colouring a pure expression with our hurts, needs and desires. When we have cleared this filter then we are able to express and feel pure love easily and openly with all. 

© Samira Harris 2017