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We would all like to live in a way in which we can feel relaxed and settled in our bodies. In which we are able to be authentic expressions of ourselves enjoying deep loving connections with others. But life just doesn't seem to work that way a lot of the time. Many of us struggle with our insecurities and have layers of stress and tension with work, family, friends and health, having a beautiful, fulfilling, purposeful life can seem like a utopian ideal. Of course we may have heard of meditation or other things we might consider doing for stress relief but what is a temporary fix and what actually works? 

Inner Heart Space is about offering tools and one to one healing and body work sessions to support you to create a truly connected and harmonious relationship with who you actually are. 


The Inner-Heart is the still, loving core within yourself. Here you can rediscover deep expansiveness regardless of what is happening in temporal life. Through connecting more and more to this stillness you can meet whatever life throws at you and bring all that you are to it. The more your choices are made from this place, the more you are an expression of your true nature, expressing natural vitality and embodied settledness.

Changing patterns and the momentums that can run you is a step by step process but choosing to explore simple breath and living techniques doesn't take much time and can start having a profound influence that will give you a strong foundation of self-love to build on. 



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