This healing work has been inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine which is an organisation founded by Serge Benhayon. The core concepts are not new, they have been presented for thousands of years within the teachings of Hermes, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Pythagorus, Patanjali and more. What is new is how the information is presented in depth by Serge within the context of where we are at in humanity now and being given extraordinary healing techniques to help us develop a 'Way of Livingness' in which we nurture our wellbeing in every aspect of our lives.

Within the philosophy of Universal Medicine everything is considered from an energetic perspective but our wisdom is accessed not through learned knowledge but through connecting with our energy through our own bodies. Here are the over-riding principles of Universal Medicine:

  • Everything is energy and everything is because of energy

  • One should listen to the messages of one’s entire body which is all-knowing, whereas the mind alone is subject to the indoctrination of the ill goings on around us.

  • One can connect to one’s Soul if one is in stillness. Gentleness, and in particular the 'Gentle Breath Meditation', is a great bridge to our stillness.

  • Every human being is superficially different but, what is for sure, we are all equal in our essence.

  • The model is to attain and sustain living in Joy, Harmony and Love. But never is it the goal or the drive, it must come from the unfoldment of our essence.

  • The highest form of Intelligence is Love. 

  • We are here to serve Humanity. In the process of serving all self is equally served.