* The Way of the Livingness *

Saturday JUNE 3rd: 10.00 to 15.00

Registration: 9.00 till 9.50

Investment: Free of Charge, pre-booking essential

Where: Frome, UK

This is a free one day workshop to explore who we are compared to the way we actually live. Serge often presents an idea we talk about in groups and then we do some form of energetic exercise to help us connect to our inner-most way of being.

If you want more info on this day here is the link:…


The following day there will be: 

* The Livingness - Stage 2 *

The focus of this day will be to: 

• Release the energy that influences such ill behaviours
• Relinquish old energetic patterns that sabotage and restrain growth
• Learn about the influence of the ill-energy

Sunday 4th JUNE: 9:00 to 15:00
Registration: 8:00 till 8:50

Investment: £90