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Testimonials about healing sessions with Samira:

"Thank you Samira, for much appreciated healing the other week, giving me a beautiful opportunity to drop in to myself and receive whatever was needed in that moment. I felt so held and cared for by you & super, super relaxed afterwards. During the stillness of the treatment I was able to really recognise & connect with what was happening in my body in a way that goes under the radar in the busyness of everyday life." DB

"Receiving a treatment from Samira was unlike anything I had experienced before. The sheer depth of her tenderness, care and serenity literally moved me to tears. And it didn't end there! A short while later I was tearful again in the supermarket – not because I was in distress, but because I was feeling so moved. And then as I left the supermarket, my feelings shifted and I found myself laughing all the way home like some kind of loon. But I didn't care! Over the course of the following weeks I had the sensation that some kind of sticky tar had been cleansed from my soul, allowing it to finally breathe and begin to shine through. The physical complaint I was looking to get fixed is undoubtedly improving, but almost more than this, it is the new 'golden' energy I can feel coursing through me that I am so happy about. Take it from me, Samira is good at this." PB

"I really recommend what Samira is offering here. I've had quite a few sessions and it has been very nourishing and restorative but also expansive and I feel it working on unseen as well known levels, so it is multidimensional in where it potentially is reaching into. Most importantly I have felt very loved and held within this space and have experienced such a generosity of spirit and level of care. For anyone wondering about it, I would say it is gentle and subtle but also powerful and deep. It is really about what it is to be alive, in a body and moving through this world and how we can come back to the purity and essence of this. Beautiful work!"  MR

"My last session with Samira has completely transformed the way I relate to the lady I love. This has completely transformed my ability to intimately connect with my lover. I look forward to continuing to work with her." DW

"I've had two healings with her now and I feel deeply blessed to have met her. Her healings are held in such love, such stillness, such confidence. Her ability to see within my energetic matrix is astounding, tuning into my intentions and desires without me even having to say them. Her unique sense of reading a persons patterning enables her to really SEE a persons essence, unblock energetic pathways and channels, assimilating healing that allows our beings to flourish into their fullest and truest potential. A truly gifted woman." SL

"Meeting Samira brought me directly into presence. From my first session with her I dropped deeply into a place of surrender. Her sessions are sublime, her loving care, attention to detail and embodied listening are truly unique. Samira has helped me to unwind some difficult emotions and I value her and her work highly." SM

"Samira has a natural ability and gift to facilitate profound and fast healing. Upon receiving a healing session I could literally feel the energy moving and shifting in my very painful hip which had been causing a lot of discomfort for months, especially on rising in the morning. After a short session I was astounded to feel hardly any pain in my hip straight away. I felt Samira was able to get to the root of the problem on a DNA & Soul level, something I had not experienced before. I highly recommend Samira as a healing facilitator, grateful for the work she did for me." JE

"From the moment I entered Samira's healing space, I felt calm and in very good hands. Initially Samira took all the time she felt was right to connect with me on a inner deeper level, to find the root cause of my stomach problems that I was experiencing. As time passed I felt my whole being relax and let go of the tensions and stresses that were the probable cause of my ailment. After the healing Samira took the time to talk with me about my experience, she made some very insightful inner observations and gave me some really good advice and tools to help continue the healing myself. From that moment on, I have felt amazingly 100% better, I have been able to sleep and function with a lot of ease, I believe the healing was a turning point which I am dearly and humbly grateful for. Samira is a certainly a natural and perceptive healer and I believe she has something to offer to everyone." CH

" Samira created and held such a beautiful, safe and loving space and I felt instantly at ease. During the session I find it very hard to explain what happened, but there was a huge shift and unlocking within myself. I felt myself able to open up to the possibility of loving and accepting myself. I felt surrounded by an intense but powerfully gentle golden light, and a sort of whooshing sensation as a lifetime of blockages cleared. I remember the golden cacoon feeling remaining for weeks after. This was a life changing experience for me, Samira is a very powerful and gifted healer, I cannot recommend her highly enough." ES

"Samira brings a warm, safe and personal depth to the healing she carries out. She is a wise, gentle and caring soul, someone who is able to facilitate treatments at a very deep level." SK

"I just want to let you know about the work of Samira Harris. She is such a gifted healer in all ways and totally meets you at where you are at in life. She is the real deal. She sees clients in London and Sussex. I highly recommend her." Posted on fb by CP

"What I experienced was for me was the purest form of truth. I felt incredibly safe and comfortable with Samira during our session together. Samira was able to connect with me on an energetic level, so profoundly that I experienced very physical sensations as a result. Samira truly has a beautiful gift and I feel so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her. I believe she honors a very organic philosophy on life and healing and I am happy she has chosen to share this." EM

"Samira's healings are an epic journey into self discovery, release and positive transformation. What she offers is a rare and precious gift in this world . Each healing is completely unique and in response to being divinely guided. She is a clear receptacle who has the ability to bring through unveiled, direct guidance, inspiration and insight for each person she heals. Healing with Samira is quiet literally multi dimensional." CT

"I experienced a pretty violent entity attack last year which left me injured, scared and confused. After months of fear, sleepless nights and unsuccessful sessions with various healers and shamans I was pretty much at the end of my tether. Then I met Samira. She intuitively knew to sit with me and as we talked we quickly discovered why. As soon as I explained my situation she immediately got to work on locating and releasing the entity. Exalted relief! Since then she has been completely supportive and has lead me through a full clearing session. Using a respectful approach to my system, Samira has given me the knowledge I need to explore my own energy more intimately and work to clear any blockages and unwelcome visitors myself. I am forever grateful for her time, love and presence on this planet." SN-J

"I highly recommend Samira's healing session. I feel it had such a profound impact on my growth and awareness. She helped me to cleanse energetically and held such a strong space which made me feel at peace. Samira has an innate gift that many others spend years trying to master. Even just being in her presence you feel surrounded by love and light. This is her gift to the earth and it is beautiful to witness, I feel honoured that I got to experience this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" GT

"She has a wonderfully beautiful energy and ability to listen with such ease, allowing a place of relaxation and harmony." GB

"I could feel an incredible energy moving around my body , touching my soul , removing stuck and unnecessary energies, opening the path to serve the Love and Light we all come from! Feeling humbled and so grateful, thank you, Samira." CN

" So grateful to have got a slot with you for what was my third session... Each time you have helped me drop deep into my stillness until I can feel nothing but a surge of love and pure energy running through my body. Each time I have come away feeling re-centred and connected to my self again.  Thank you." NP

"Samira is a radiant expression of God, Love, Truth or whatever word you want to put to that which is already shining bright inside You. I've shared healing spaces with her and have witnessd the profound integrity, care and joy she holds from moment to moment. Being in her presence is already an immense gift of healing; after receiving a treatment from her, my heart felt both grounded and expanded, as if a big wave of divine love had washed over my whole being. I've studied with great teachers across the world but have met few that truly walk their talk. Samira is one of them that does." DM

"I've had several healings with Samira. From the off I felt truly cared for by her, in safe hands, such that despite having decades of doubting sarcastic male superiority active in me, I knew I could let go and I would be gently cared for as if a young child by their kind-loving mother. Her sheer investment within my healing was apparent, as she took my at-times trembling doubting self, into a place of cucooned safety. Each time, the weight lifted, a lightness, a clarity, awareness and hope in it's place. She is one of a kind: the real deal. If you have hesitations or doubts, she is the one: seek her out. I am very glad for those occasions when she helped me." SA

"We have been healing each other since time immemorial and last year I visited Samira Harris at the Inner Heart Space Clinic on a number of occasions. This was not for some support or a for chat or for sympathy, although all of this happened, I visited her because I needed really deep energy work that requires one thing and that one thing is 'Love'. Really simple but also really difficult because it requires the therapist to completely 'step aside' and move 'out of the way' and this requires knowledge and integrity. This 'stepping aside' makes space for the energies of the heart to move freely. with discernment. through the body and it is very special and very ancient and very powerful and works every time. Highly recommended treatments thank you Samira. " SM

"I just want to say a big big thank you again for last week. My fog has been lifted from my eyebrows, I feel much clearer. The anxieties aren't affecting me as much and I am practising more and more to be WITH myself at the times when I feel disconnected." JH

"I went for a treatment with Samira not knowing what to expect - I was feeling very exhausted and stressed before the treatment. After experiencing a treatment with Samira I felt totally different .. my energy had shifted to feeling much lighter and less burdened. I felt deeply relaxed and had the best nights sleep for a long time. Samira is a wonderful healer and I highly recommend her therapeutic touch." SY

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